Mariam Soliman is a freelance photographer from Cairo. Since 2016, she is based in Berlin.
She studied Media Design (B.A.) in Cairo and then proceeded to study Art History and Gender Studies (B.A.) in Berlin.

Her photographs do not stick to one genre of photography, but vary between lifestyle, (self-)portrait, documentary and fine art. She especially loves to work with film.

Mariam finds her main source of inspiration in the female condition, the magic of a fleeting moment, the sun, places, nature and dreams. Capturing a moment in its uniqueness, in its full emotional scope, whether it be the light falling on someone's face, an expressive gesture or expression, a body delicately speaking to her - that is what she loves.

Mariam is always up for collaborating on little projects or having nice talks over a coffee. ♥
Write her up if you want to hire her, work with her or if you just want to say hi!